01 February 2009

A Short History of Martha Ladly... Via YouTube

No-one's history should be told by YouTube. But since Crash The Driver did such a good job it's only fun to look at the flip side. Music videos are not the most forgiving medium, are they?

"Light Years From Love"
...in which we learn Martha has a pretty good back-stroke.

"Club Country" by The Associates
...featuring some naff violin miming but a hilarious Martha moment midway.

"Party Fears Two" by The Associates
...bad suit day?

...or maybe the flapper look?

"18 Carat Love Affair" by The Associates
...Billy loves Martha, Martha loves Billy?

"Addicted To Love" by Robert Palmer
Ladly toured to Japan with the band in 1986 and can be seen here having "fun" at 0:30 and 3:12. I say that in kindness so you can skip the rest of the video. But you do know that Palmer covered a Gary Numan tune and even co-wrote a song with Numan? It's a wonderful world!

-- Second Chameleon


  1. Thanks for the short history. My Martha Ladly video obsession began with the scene-stealing lip-lock at 2:50 in "Echo Beach," but it's good to know there are other parts of her to fetishize.

  2. My God; all these years I thought I was the only one who had that lip-lick of Martha's in the Echo Beach video burned into my loins.

  3. Can I pipe in as well? ;-) I actually enjoyed both Marthas. -DGLSL81-