23 February 2009

Magazine Live at the Metropol

Since you can never have too much Magazine live, here's a performance at the Metropol in Berlin on 30 October 1980, as broadcast by West Deutsche Rundfunk. A dozen tracks that really show off Barry Adamson's bass playing.


  1. Ultravox fans should note that the guitar player here (as on the official live album Play) is Robin Simon, whose corruscating fretwork lifted Systems of Romance to such dizzying heights. Simon replaced John McGeoch, who had been one of the chief architect's of the Magazine sound and played on their first three studio albums, when he left to join Siouxsie and the Banshees. Simon does an impressive job of reproducing McGeoch's signature sound, but every once in a while you'll hear something that feels like it floated in from SoR.

  2. Magazine always had the best players. Robin Simon is quite underappreciated, maybe because he didn't stick around long enough on the scene, but mor elikely because he was rather understated. His work on three John Foxx solo albums also deserves mention.