25 July 2010

Bill Nelson: Trial By Intimacy -- Chamber Of Dreams

Our series of posts from Bill Nelson's instrumental box set, Trial By Intimacy (The Book of Splendours) continues with the second of four albums, Chamber of Dreams. Nelson writes in the liner notes:
In 1981 and 1983, I organized a series of live performances under the general title of The Invisibility Exhibition. This event toured throughout Great Britain and included contributions from the Yorkshire Actors Company, Richard Jobson, Frank Chickens and David Claridge as well as myself and Ian Nelson.

Besides theatre, poetry, mime, and musical performances, there were eight TV screens and one large movie screen on which were shown films by Jean Cocteau and Man Ray. My own musical contribution included improvisation of guitar, percussion and synthesizer over pre-recorded tapes from the archives of the Echo Observatory. Chamber of Dreams presents two facets of this event.

Side One is a selection of the 'backing tapes' which were used as the basis for my own performance. They are presented here in their virgin state without any live improvisation. Musicians owning this album, might enjoy sketching their own ideas over these tracks in the privacy of their own home.

Side Two presents a selection of the interval music which was played between the various performances during the Exhibition itself. These are complete and were not intended as part of the improvisational work.

For those who attended these performances, this record is intended as a souvenir for the ear. For those who missed the Invisibility Exhibition perhaps Chamber of Dreams will make you just curious enough to attend the next one.
For those of you who enjoyed the montage of voices from instructional films, surrealist poets, and television programs on the first album in this set, there's much to enjoy on side one of this long payer. Though meant only as "backing tapes" to accompany improvised guitar and other instruments, these tracks feel more complete than some of the interlude music on the second side. Indeed, some of the most notable tracks from Trial By Intimacy (The Book Splendours) are here, including the opening track, "The Blazing Memory of Innuendo," and the aptly-titled, "A Dip in the Swimming Pool Reactor."

Special thanks to the Second Chameleon for doing the audio processing of the original vinyl while suffering from a back injury. Service above and beyond the call of duty!

--Crash the Driver


Bill Nelson: Chamber Of Dreams (Music From The Invisibility Exhibition)
A01 The Blazing Memory Of Innuendo
A02 Into The Luminous Future
A03 A Dip In The Swimming Pool Reactor
A04 Tomorrowland (The Threshold Of 1947)
A05 Listening To Lizards
A06 Endless Torsion
A07 My Sublime Perversion
A08 Eros In Autumn
A09 Sleeplessness
B01 The Latest Skyline
B02 Train Of Thought
B03 Parks And Fountains, Clouds And Trees
B04 The Golden Bough
B05 Forever Orpheus
B06 In Arcadia
B07 Sentimental
B08 Autumn Fires
B09 Wild Blue Yonder

Trial By Intimacy (The Book Splendours)
4xLP: Cocteau Records UK [JEAN 2] 1984

Chamber Of Dreams (Music From The Invisibility Exhibition)
LP: Cocteau Records UK [JC 7] 1984
CD: Cocteau Records UK [JCCD 7] 1989
CD: Enigma Records US [7 73377-2] 1989


  1. wow, these are awesome, thank you!

  2. Good call to include this set... such a criminally undervalued talent is Bill Nelson.

  3. Great post, Bill was so very talented...I love vistamix album.

    BTW, I've started an obscure new wave vinyl blog...please check it out :

  4. Nice to see other Nelson fans enjoying this work; I picked up all 4 Enigma CDs in Florida in 1994 ($10 a CD even though they were cutouts) and listen to them at least once a month.

    Let me know if you would like a high quality rip.

  5. Thanks for the offer, Canuck80sGuy. If you could upload a copy of the fourth cd, A Catalogue Of Obsessions, to Rapidshare (or some other such service), and post the link in the comments section here, it would save us some time preparing the next post.

    Glad you're enjoying these lovely albums!

  6. can you repost all of the Trial by Intimacy albums again?
    all of the RS links are dead.

  7. All the Rapidshare links are active. Did you click on the vinyl record icon in the box that lists the track names? It should take you to the Rapidshare download page, which has undergone a recent face lift. Just choose "slow download" under the "free account" listing if you don't have a premium account.

  8. The link has an extra slash on it. If gd removes it then it will download fine.


    removing the "/"

    Btw, I have been in heaven since I found your blog. So much that I have loved and missed is here.

  9. Thanks for the encouraging comment, ADwU. I've checked the Nelson links and all should be fine, though it does seem like Rapidshare are making it more and more difficult for people using the free download option.

  10. thanks for the links, i wish the LP rips were better. they dont sound so good....