19 April 2009

Three Singles by The Psychedelic Furs

One of the real pleasures of The Same Mistakes is being able to collaborate on the writing and design with The Second Chameleon, extending an obsessive dialogue that he and I have been carrying on with regards to the music of the Post Punk era since the time when we were, well, Post Punks. It's not only a conversation that I enjoy, but one from which I always learn something new about the music that I thought I already knew through and through.

Last week's post on The Psychedelic Furs' Radio One Sessions was no exception. No sooner had I clicked on "Publish," I had an email telling me that there were four cracking good tracks from the early days of the band that had not managed to make their way on to one of the various album re-issues or best of collections for the band: "****" from the "Sister Europe" 7"; "Dash" from the flip of "Dumb Waiters;" and "Danger (Remix)" and "I Don't Want to Be Your Shadow (Extended Version)" from the "Danger" 12". As these are all very much worth having, I've ripped the singles in their entirety to preserve their original context, and zipped 'em up here for your pleasure.

Feel free to join the conversation--add a comment below!

-- Crash The Driver


Sister Europe 7"

01 Sister Europe
02 ****

UK 7" CBS [S CBS 8179] 1980

Dumb Waiters 7"

03 Dumb Waiters
04 Dash

UK 7" CBS [CBS A1166] 1981

Danger 12"

05 Danger (Remix)
06 Don't Want To Be Your Shadow (Extended Version)
07 Goodbye (Dance Version)

UK 12" CBS [CBS A13 2865] 1982


  1. Thing is, I have entire discographies in my head, built up from the time that I waited patiently for each new release to come out... reading NME, Melody Maker and Sounds for info on what we could expect in a few weeks time.

    This still comes in handy. I can spot errors at discogs and know enough not to take everything I read on the internet at face value. If I'd ever had the time I would have produced a five hundred page book of nothing but discographies and comments. (Come to think of it... didn't someone do that?) But, hey, that's what this blog is for!

    That said, "Don't Want To Be Your Shadow (Extended Version)" sounds exactly the same as the version on the CD. The remix of "Danger" sounds as though they put it underwater.

    But "Dash" is great, and has always been part of my track order for Talk Talk Talk. I put it right between the two vinyl sides. "****" is one of my fave P. Furs tracks, but that's because I could have had "India" last for an entire side of vinyl.

    I mean, who wouldn't want to live in that world?

  2. Thanks so much for this!!
    "Dash" sounds like an outtake from Goo- era Sonic Youth!

  3. Any chance for a re-up on this?

  4. Hey, it's still there. Just click the little disk icon.

  5. Great! Thank you.
    I'm still looking for the "Psychedelic Furs Commercial" from the Flexi Disc on the cover of the Dumb Waiters single. Any chance you have that?